To complete strategic initiatives, you need an automated way to execute the work required to be done. Too often, strategic initiatives fail as completing the work is just too complex, slow or both. The hardest thing to change is the culture within organisations and individuals. To facilitate this change, you need to have a tool to build a culture around. This is what we see GitLab as being able to provide. Combined with our expertise, we can quickly adapt the culture to enable quality changes.

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You may not know this, but OTTRA was created with the vision of the DevOps Platform becoming the best way to develop modern software.

Our name is an acronym for One Tool To Rule All.

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In almost all cases, unplanned work, usually caused by re-work, prevents progress on the other three types of work. Symptoms of this being an issue are comments like "I'm too busy to look at that", "We need to do this, but we don't have the time", and "We took a look at XYZ but never got anywhere with it. Unplanned work kills everything.

One of the most significant sources of unplanned work is the homemade, unique toolchains commonplace within organisations today. A simple, single tool for DevOps that has been tried and tested by the World's Largest organisations that comes with complete documentation, training, best practice and support removes a considerable portion of that unplanned work while setting you up for success.

We are passionate about what we do. We have expertise in taking organisations from the wrong place today to a fast, secure place tomorrow, and we'd be happy to talk to you about how we could do the same for you!

What is DevOps?

To master DevOps, you need to master a couple of key components of DevOps. The two main headings that cover these are "The 3 Ways of DevOps and "The 4 Types of Work. Let's start with the 3 Ways of DevOps

The First Way

The first way states that to improve something, you need to be able to visualise the whole. If you can't see what is happening in software development from beginning to end and across the entire organisation, you cannot possibly improve it. This is because you cannot identify the constraint, and you can't be sure that the change you propose to make will cause a more significant issue either upstream or downstream from where you make it.

The first way is the foundation your digital transformation effort is based on. So put, if you have lots of teams running lots of tools, it can be tough to make sense of what is going on.

With One Tool To Rule All you have instant visibility into who is doing what and how. You can identify the constraint, resolve it and then address the following constraint. You have hyper-charged the pace at which you can now improve your process.

The Second Way

The Second and Third Ways follow on from that and are also significantly supported by adopting a DevOps Platform. Now you can see everything within the development you can gather feedback from the system. At first, it can be simple things like measuring the speed from idea to production, but as your sophistication grows, you can start to look at feedback from an individual level. The input begins to inform decisions on capacity planning, security risk and effectiveness of idea generation.

The Third Way

The third way cannot be achieved without the first two and results in something of which the benefits can not be overstated, psychological safety. Your business is free to experiment without fear of repercussions. At this point, your business can genuinely outthink and out imagine competitors to win bigger.

OTTRA can help you get there!

The 4 Types of Work

Identifying and managing the 4 Types of Work is also critical to improving your performance within technology.

The 4 Types of Work are:


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